The difference is Community

The difference is you

Smile & Co. is not about us, because we’re about you. We care about you as a person. We want to help you learn about your oral health, help you understand your treatment solutions, help you make decisions that are best for you. You’ll quickly notice that Dr. Ashley radiates passion, sincerity and empathy. She understands what it’s like to be anxious about seeing the dentist, so she ensures every person who walks through the door feels at ease and comfortable before and during treatment. It’s all about you.

Photo of Dr Ashley sitting at a table with two patients

It felt more like a spa than a dental office. I had such a great experience. The staff was welcoming and friendly. I got a little tour of the gorgeous office and the technology was very cool. Dr. Joves was energetic, fun and professional. Can't wait to go back in six months!!

Chanie G.

The difference is your experience

No white coats. No judgments. No pressure. We take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves. Advanced dental care meets an unforgettable dental experience. You can expect the latest technology and clinical excellence, but in a fun and friendly environment where music is playing and you just might catch a team member singing and dancing. Relaxed. Refreshing. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a dental office. We’re pretty sure you’ll look forward to every visit.

The difference is Dr. Ashley

Dr. Ashley and a patient hugging

Smiling. Laughing. Singing. Dancing. She lights up the space with her love for life, inspiring anyone nearby. She’s passionate about relationships and every patient quickly becomes a friend. She cares deeply. Values honesty. Lives transparently. And is wholly devoted to her husband and two children. Dentistry is her calling and people are her passion. All that leads to an exceptional dental experience for families throughout the Folsom area.